Youth Radio Flows’ staff are based in the Oakland, California headquarters of Youth Radio, a non-profit media training and production organization. Our stories are produced for a national audience by high school and college aged reporters across the country and the world.

Flows is our initial foray into the blogosphere, the first step in a larger initiative that will see Youth Radio expanding its online presence.


Nishat Kurwa- News Director

Noah Nelson- Editor, Youth Radio Flows

Reina Gonzales- Producer


Ankitha Bharadwaj-zippy123
Anyi Howell- kinganyi
Caitlin Grey- snarkattak
Nico Savidge- nsavidge
Anthony Waters- tonekapone


7 Responses

  1. Hi, my name is Lillian. I was an intern with KUOW 94.9 public radio station in Seattle this summer. We are Seattle’s local NPR affiliate. I was a part of the program called Weekday High, which is a group of 7 high schoolers chosen to produce a daily podcast and learn about radio. Our shows this year focused on youth activism/politics. We’re just supposed to be getting the word out about our podcasts. Our website is http://www.weekdayhighspodcast.blogspot.com . You can also find us on http://kuow.org/weekdayhigh/2008_stories.php . If you’d like contact us, you can email Steve Scher, at sscher@kuow.org or Nathan Friend at nfriend@kuow.org. If you find our work interesting, don’t hesitate to tell anyone else you know! Thank you!

  2. Oops, sorry that that came out as a posted comment! I wasn’t sure how to just contact you individually!

  3. Searching for Kai Crowder. I am Sam’s dad. He saw Bobbie recently and told us how well you are doing.
    \It would be good to hear from you. Sam is at Thunder Road and maybe some support.
    Congrat’s on UCLA?
    Don’t be shy

  4. I heard Orlando Campbell’s “Hope Springs Eternal” on NPR this morning. Riveting. I…hope…to hear more from him.

  5. Is it something the neighbours are doing at Fermilab? ,

  6. Participation means sharing in the decision- making process, and must not be misused as a vehicle for fighting in the trenches of adult party politics. ,

  7. Like what you did. Here’s wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year !

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