Tomorrow! Its Face The Race!

Returning from our week long slumber with a vengance!

Tomorrow at 2 PM Pacific Daylight Time its Face The Race: Pennsylvania Edition!

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Face The Race Strikes Back!

Today from 1-2 PM PST its Bride of Son of Cousin of Face The Race!

King Anyi and producer Brandon McFarland are rounding up fresh music and voices from around the nation to break down yesterday’s Super Tuesday Jr.

Listen today on the radio stream.

YM Blog-A-Thon: Face the Race with Anyi

Youth Outlook and Wiretap are kicking off the first ever Youth Media Blog-A-Thon. This month’s topic is the 2008 presidential election. Youth Radio personality King Anyi knows one or two things about the election, having hosted the daily “Face The Race” broadcast during the run up to Super Tuesday. Here’s his reflection on the experience:

Over this election season I’ve hosted an internet radio show called “Face the Race”. The focus of the show was to provide election coverage and observations from the youth perspective. We also mixed in songs with social commentary and held interviews with a variety of people involved in the election. The show ran through the week of ‘Super Tuesday.’ The show was fast paced and too much fun!

One of the main points of topic on the show was the impact of the youth vote. “It used to be the icing on the cake, but now it’s the whole cake.” Was a quote I don’t remember where I heard, but I was spitting out every opportunity. It’s funny because not long after Bush’s re-election I think more people felt a need to make sure their vote is counted for and abandon their “apathetic activism.” Apathetic activism is when someone withdraws themselves from the civic duties not out of laziness or boredom, but out of rebellion or activism. I guess seeing what a handful of conservatives can pull off in an election inspired young voters to put their numbers together and see where their power lies. During the course of my role as host of the show, it became more and more apparent. that the power of the youth vote lies with Obama.

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FACE THE RACE: Election Excerpts

Yesterday’s Face The Race was chock full of goodness, like this bit from Youth Radio L.A.’s Consuelo Cisneros. Consuelo reported live via phone into our Oakland studio from the L.A. basin. Catch her in conversation with FTR hosts King Anyi and Denise. (Real Media Format)

Word From Around The State

Youth Radio L.A.’s Jordan Monroe filed this voice and music montage of young voter from around the state today. We just put it up on Face The Race, and now we’re turning it around and bringing the piece straight to you.

Jordan traveled to college campuses across California, and managed to capture the most diverse “vox” piece on young voters The Flow has heard this year.

Props, Jordan, props.


This one’s for King Anyi… remember how the other day you said, after hearing who the Governator and Chuck Norris had given their endorsements you’d back whoever Hulk Hogan got behind?

Well I think you’re gonna be happy with the Hulksters choice.

Note: this is no way represents an endorsement of the candidate in question… we’re just telling you like it is, brother. 

Face The Race hits the streets

Fresh and Hotttt from the streets of Oakland comes this man on the street report from FTR host King Anyi.

This aired just minutes ago on Face The Race as part of the 3 hour special poppin’ off right now!