When Third Graders Attack!!

OK. So imagine walking into a third grade classroom — students sitting in their seats and listening to the teacher talk about multiplication. But in Center Elementary School in Waycross, Georgia, the teacher was the one being taught a lesson — a potentially DEADLY lesson.

This is what happened: a bunch of third graders hatched a plan to “knock out, handcuff and stab their teacher” because the teacher had apparently reprimanded one of the students for goofing around in class. These kids had it all planned out. They even assigned specific roles for each other such as creating a distraction, closing the windows and of course, cleaning up the mess.

Fortunately, their plan was foiled by another student who sang like a canary to the school officials that a classmate had a knife in his bag. But isn’t just the fact that a group of kids came up with such a devious plan pretty damn scary?! Makes me think twice about having children…

However, psychiatrists say that although the act was premeditated, it would probably not have been followed through with. In response, I just have four words: Lord of the Flies. Those who have read William Golding’s novel are well aware that when push comes to shove, even kids can go postal.

So now the question is, should the implicated students be sent to juvenile detention centers? The obvious answer is…well in this case, there actually isn’t one. Sure they plotted to kill…or at least severely injure their teacher, but they probably didn’t understand the permanency of their actions. Also, their hometown of Waycross, Georgia was surrounded by swamps and had halfway houses around every corner. Also, with easy access to violence on TV these days, who knows where the students got this idea from!

At the end of the day, we can all agree that these third graders need psychiatric help. And the teacher, well he probably needs a nice long vacation.

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Youth Radio LA Is Blowin’ Up

I took my eye off them for only a second, I swear!

Youth Radio Los Angeles has been on a posting streak this week over at their blog. Head on over to check out Antony Juaregui  break down his financial aid woes, Nalani Melo’s ode to her hometown of Pasadena, and college bound advisor Sabiha Khan’s call out for responses to the proposed cuts in California’s education budget.

Find all this and more on their blog.

My Aunt, Agent of Change

I can remember being very young out on a day with my Aunt and some people stopped her and asked for her autograph. I thought to myself, “Why are all these people trying to get her autograph? She’s not Eddie Murphy. Does she know Eddie Murphy?” To me she was just Aunt Julianne, but everyone else knew her as Dr. Julianne Malveaux – economist and television personality. I was her favorite young nephew, so I got to go any and everywhere with her when time allowed.

I also began to check for my aunt on television and in newspapers. While my perception of my Aunt Julianne at home was of a fierce and no-holds-barred temperamental genius, it was exciting to know that she was just as opinionated in media appearances. When I read her columns, I could hear her attitude through the printed words. When I saw her debating loudly over white Republican talking heads on cable news stations, asserting her point and getting the last word, I was always thrilled. My perception of my aunt began to evolve into me seeing her as a media advocate for African-American and women’s rights, much like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but much more electrifying. When I found out she was taking on the role of president of Bennett College for Women, and abandoning her plans to produce a 30-minute news magazine show under her Last Word Productions, my perception of her changed again.

Her sacrifice of her own media career to directly affect the lives of young African-American women on a daily basis makes me view my Aunt Julianne as an agent of direct change in our community. Even after reading her in print and seeing her on screen countless times, I have never been more proud of Dr. Julianne Malveaux than I am now and am blessed, not only to have her as an aunt, but also as a member of our community.

~King Anyi

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Cookin All Day!

English Teacher Gone Wild

[ News Commentary by Ankitha Bharadwaj ]

This past Tuesday (March 11, 2008) one Bay Area teacher took his duty of watching over children a little too literally. David Lista, an English teacher at Mills High school in Millbrae installed discrete cameras in the girls’ bathroom and recorded hours of pornographic footage. Creepy much?

And to make matters worse, let’s throw in some drugs! How about methamphetamine? This guy is seriously twisted. But he was actually pretty well liked at Mills High School. He helped freshmen navigate through confusing hallways, and acted as a guidance counselor to lost students. So saying that the entire school was shocked by Lista’s behavior would be a drastic understatement.

If I were to execute my voyeuristic tendencies (which I wouldn’t, so don’t judge me!), the first thing I would do is buy a decent laptop to hold my footage. I’m guessing Lista missed the pervert convention this year since he dumped all this tapes onto the school computer, and subsequently overloaded the server. The San Mateo High School District had to send out its tech coordinator to unclog the server; the tech guy soon uncovered Lista’s loathsome loot and outed him.

Lista was previously arrested for drug possession and is in limbo right now regarding these child pornography possession charges. Seems like someone’s having a pretty crappy year! Right now the authorities are trying to categorize the severity of the offense — whether it’s just a misdemeanor or if it’s a felony. If Lista has been keeping the footage for his own personal use (ew…), it would be just a misdemeanor; but if he has copied and distributed the videos, the charge is bumped up to a felony. Either way, Lista has a pretty decent collection of kiddie porn, most of it in excellent, high definition quality.

Now, Lista has made bail (10,000 bucks) and is on paid administrative leave. Paid?! In Alameda, schools are scrambling to keep basic sports afloat while Mills High School is paying a pervert money to stay home and peruse through his videos? Something stinks…and it ain’t the high school bathrooms.

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Breaking News: Uncredentialed Homeschooling Illegal In California

Homeschoolers’ setback sends shock waves through state

[SF Gate]

A California appeals court ruling clamping down on homeschooling by parents without teaching credentials sent shock waves across the state this week, leaving an estimated 166,000 children as possible truants and their parents at risk of prosecution.

Are you home schooled in California? Know someone affected by the law? Leave a comment here. We’ll be following the story.

[For wonks only: read the actual court ruling in the case. ]

Alameda High School Walkout

Caitlin Grey has a first person piece over at Youth Radio.org on yesturday’s protest walkouts at Alameda and Encinal High Schools in Alameda, CA:

No soccer team next year. Or AP classes. Or spring musical. Yesterday morning when I got to school, I found out that every sport at my high school had been cut except football, baseball, softball, and basketball. The night before, there had been a rally at Chipman Middle School where a Board Meeting was being held, and by the end of the night (it didn’t end until 1:30 in the morning) they had made the final decision on budget cuts. Obviously this stepped on a few toes—or a few hundred. By break time at Alameda High, around 11 a.m., hundreds of Encinal High students came streaming down the street and through our school.

Read the full post here. 

Did Ya Hear?

Over the weekend WABE-FM in Atlanta aired a commentary by Emma Alexander of Youth Radio Atlanta.

Emma Alexander

In it she puts forward a pretty radical position: that truancy should be legalized, with only the students who really want to be at school actually still on campus.

Let her tell you all about it.