Straight talk – Monica Guerra

In my Economics class today we were analyzing the different types of persuasion, and the types of persuasion that the candidates use all the time.

I watch these debates hoping that both candidates will actually talk about the subjects instead of talking without saying anything. I feel the VP debate was kind of like that.

This debate is much different from the other ones. Finally the candidates are getting more specific about what they want to do. Obama to me has gotten more to the point than McCain.

The moderator asked about what would be the order of priority: Energy, Education, or Healthcare. Obama went straight to the point and said 1) Energy: because gas costs so much, so many countries are getting all this money from us. We need to get renewable energy. 2) Health Care: People can’t afford health care. 3) Education. While McCain on the other hand just said “we can tackle all three” and then used the persuasion technique that his VP does. That technique is called “common folk” in which the candidate tries to relate and seem that they are alike the people to get their sympathy

Taxes: Obama said specifically he would cut taxes for 95% of the people and people who made under $250,000 would not see a change. McCain gave absolutely NO NUMBERS, or didn’t say who he considered the “middle class,” he also said Obama is TAXING people but didn’t say WHO. For example, Obama is increasing the taxes of A LOT of rich people, and McCain is saying that he’s increasing a lot of taxes. He didn’t say what group is getting increased.



During the debate one of the members in the audience asked what the candidates would do about the environment in the first two years of their presidency. McCain in the beginning mentioned off shore drilling before this question and was talking about how much we needed it. Then when this question was asked he started to talk about how we need more green jobs and a lot of other things that we need to do to help the environment. Me personally I don’t agree with him at all. If we have off shore drilling then that will harm our water and it will be worse than drilling on land. We have more oil spills than we have barrels of oil and it’s bad enough that we have oil spills on land all how it flows into our waters, but if we have it drilling in our waters and oil the oils spills will happen and we will be harming sea animals, have less clean water than we do now, and it will flow all over the earth.