NFCB Slideshow

A collection of photos from our trip to the National Federation of Community Broadcasters  conference in Atlanta last week.


Recent Post Roundup

First off: apologies for the disappearing act. We’ve been cooking up a few things for the long term and some other projects on short notice, and thus the blogging suffered.

Yet fear not! For the front page at Youth Radio has been off the hook all week… here’s some highlights for the three of you who don’t come to the blog via the website:

  • Pop, Lock & Roll: America’s Best Dance Crew— America Idol judge Randy Jackson’s new reality show has been a big hit here at the office. Youth Radio’s Best TV Watchin’ Crew: Brandon McFarland, Ayesha Walker, Susana Vuong, and Denise Tejada got together to break down their fandom. [Real Media Format]
  • In Memory: Markeese Edwards–a former student of Youth Radio’s CAP program, Markeese was slain in Oakland last week. We’ve gathered up a small collection of photos and tribute recordings to honor his memory.
  • Strange Illness— Denise Tejada talks about how her experience with contaminated water and food made her re-think what she can do to help keep the Bay Area environment clean.
  • Thrifting— Kelly Douglas of Youth Radio Atlanta brings us up to speed in the latest in thrift store chic.

That’s just to hold you until I can get a very special interview up this afternoon. You should probably go get yourself some sliders to go with that one.