John Cho Interview DECONSTRUCTED

On a recent Saturday morning, instead of sleeping in and then watching re-runs of That’s So Raven on ABC Family– because I don’t even get Disney Channel–while eating mini-wheats in my pajamas, I got to interview the star John Cho. Cho plays the uptight Harold in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. We went to interview him about his new project, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Yeah, you heard me right. GUANTANAMO BAY.

When my partner in crime Ankitha and I got off BART, we went upstairs to the streets of San Francisco, and immediately whipped out our map to figure out where we were going. What with that and our huge bag– full of equipment– I’m pretty sure we had tourist status ACHIEVED. Finally, when we found the hotel we were to talk to John Cho in, we circled the building a few times, checked out the premises, and then entered as the doorman welcomed us.

“I feel WAY underdressed” Ankitha said. We looked around at the fancy chairs and the fancy lobby and the even fancier concierge (mostly because of the French name) and then looked down at our jeans and sweatshirts. Yikes. Just us existing was a faux pas in that place. However, we found comfort in one other young guy standing around awkwardly, also with a cumbersome bag and caj clothing. But when we could stand the awkwardness no longer, I finally ventured deep into the depths of my bag (that contained everything from a flash recorder to a tube of chapstick) and pulled out the printed email telling us where to go and what to do and all that fun stuff. We called the public relations person and in a cool, collected voice she assured us she would come down to the lobby to round us up. When a young twenty-something with straight blond hair dressed in Urban Outfitters garb traipsed out of the elevator, blackberry in hand, we knew we were in the right place. She also picked up the other young cas guy, who turned out to be from Rotten Tomatoes (SWEET!) and we entered a long ride in the elevator up. When we got out, we entered a room with what I assumed to be some other PR peeps, drinking coffee outta tea cups and scrolling through texts on their sidekicks.

“I mean, read this text, if she were telling the truth, she would definitely NOT provide this many details.”

“Yeah I mean come on, she must have been high or drunk or something from partying all night.”

Eek. Ankitha and I stared at the ground and waited for the PR rep, who we had temporarily adopted as our mommy, to take care of us and tell us where to go. Finally after a few minutes of standing around listening to PR people gossip and ignore us, she took us into a mini-conference room with a city view, an entire corner of the room dedicated to food, and two large round tables. A few people were already sitting at one, and as the PR lady and the Rotten Tomatoes kid joined them, Ankitha and I opted for the more anti-social one, and sat down at the empty table.

“Can I offer you guys anything to eat? Some fresh fruit, coffee, croissants” asked the PR lady.

“Ummm….do you have some water?” Ankitha inquired.

“Oh sure!” She went to the corner of the room and came back soon with a cylindrical glass bottle filled with a clear liquid. She handed it to Ankitha and walked away.

Ankitha read from the bottle.

“V-O-S-S….Voss? ‘Artisan water from Norway’ Okey doke…I mean what the heck is artisan water?” We pondered the curious bottle for a while, then finally Ankitha took a sip. I awaited a response.

“It’s just….water….”

“Oh…” Somehow I expected something magical to happen. I mean, it seemed like she should have sprouted a Prada bag and a pair of sunglasses on the spot, but I guess it was just plan water after all.

We listened to the others talk as we played Hangman in Ankitha’s notebook and drank artisan water.

“It’s an animal” she said. “But I can’t remember how to spell it.”

“Is it giraffe? Because that would just be sad if you couldn’t spell giraffe.” We both started laughing. After recovering from some evil stares at our loud and obnoxious laughs (mostly mine-it isn’t the graceful chuckle you’d assume), the PR lady got up.

“John is ready for you, girls.”

We got up and made our way to the “suite” as the PR rep had told us. When we entered the huge living-room type area, we saw a gaping window with an amazing view of the city, a coffee table with magazines, and some fancy couches. Oh yeah, and John Cho.

Holy crap. It’s Harold! We introduced ourselves and I asked him what it was like to ride a cheetah, and then we sat down and started dropping our questions LIKE WHAT.

That’s when this comes in:




Where I Get My News

[Ed. Note: This week’s Question is: When it comes to News, who do you trust. Nico Savidge of Meet The Mess and The Savidge World of Sports reports in.]

My dad likes to wake up early in the morning and enjoy is coffee with a copy of the New York Times in front of him. As he munches on granola or shredded wheat, my dad learns what’s happening in the world – I do nearly the same thing, but (seeing as I’m 17, and not 57 like my dad) I get my news in a more hi-tech way. When I have breakfast, I don’t fold out the “Old Grey Lady” and flip through the sections. Instead, I’ve signed up for e-mail updates from the Washington Post and Reuters, meaning I get the headlines delivered to my inbox each morning. Thanks to the popularity of internet updates, I can get the latest news alongside “Oakland Athletics Postgame Alerts” and “The Urban Dictionary Word of the Day.” –Nico Savidge

NFCB Slideshow

A collection of photos from our trip to the National Federation of Community Broadcasters  conference in Atlanta last week.

University of Barack Obama- Deconstructed

Yesterday we posted a report by Youth Radio L.A.’s Jordan Monroe where he describes the scene on the University of California, Los Angeles campus:

On February 5, the University of California Los Angeles became the University of Barack Obama. I went to the campus and stood on a corner like a political panhandler asking by-passers for contributions of opinions and reflections.

We’d like to peel back the curtain on that piece a little today, by offering you a taste of the raw tape that Jordan collected to fuel that report. Now mind you, what you are about to hear is unpolished, unedited footage taken on Super Tuesday. Its a different way of listening to what we call “vox“- also known as “man on the street”, although its a lot faster to say “vox”, which is the Latin for voice.

Here are three of the raw cuts from Jordan’s foray into the wilds of UCLA on election day. [mp3 format]

Saramon Cof

Kai Hazel

Gabriel Schneicabal

Reestablishing The Flow

Today Youth Radio gets back in the blog game by taking “” in a whole new direction.

The static snapshots of the “beat reporter” blogs are out, and a full embracing of the power of blogs is in. Where each of the different fields we cover formerly had its own blog, now those beats will be represented as categories which you can see over in the left hand nav box. You can still find the archives of the former “Flows” blogs over in our Blogroll on the right.

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