Best of [Late] February

For the shortest month of the year February sure has been busy! Of course, we do get a whole extra day to process it, but still… so much has hapened, there’s no way you caught everything.

With that in mind, here’s a few things from the last couple of weeks you may have missed:

The Game is the New Music Studio

When Brandon McFarland sees Amp Live use a PSP to mix a beat freestyle onstage his vision of video games as mere toys changes in a heartbeat.

HEAR: Brandon meet Amp Live and his shocking skills!

SEE: Brandon match his pipes against ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive” Rock Band style.

BELIEVE: The dork on guitar in the video totally isn’t blog editor Noah Nelson. No, really BELIEVE! Please?

Sexuality: Unacceptable

Candlelight vigils and rallies continue in honor of Lawrence “Larry” King, a 15-year-old who was shot at his Middle School in Oxnard, California. Larry was bullied at school for being openly gay and also gender non-conforming — he wore women’s clothing and make-up on occasion — and it is thought that his identity provoked another student to kill him. Anne Santos reminds us that it wasn’t just Larry King’s life that was affected by violent homophobia. Here’s her own story of when she was assaulted for being gay, and how her family still feels the trauma.

Nico Savidge Liveblogs the Texas and Ohio Debates

He brought you the Savidge World of Sports and helps you to Meet The Mess… and now he liveblogs major political events so you don’t have to watch them. Check out YR personality Nico Savidge’s on the spot response to the big showdowns between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.


In Da House @ GDC

The Game Developers Conference descended upon San Francisco’s Moscone Center this week, and Youth Radio’s Quincy Mosby aka Quinn 2.0 took the opportunity of the world’s top video game creators being in his own back yard to tour the show floor.

Today we’ve got three cuts for you direct from GDC.

Intro/Developer’s Unleashed— in our first cut Quincy sets the scene at GDC and lets you know what drew him to the conference. [2:04]

Morgan Lean/Epiphany Games— Quincy talks with the CEO of Australian game studio Epiphany Games about the joy of GDC and what it takes to be a game designer. [2:39]

Dreamflyer— Quincy checks out the Dreamflyer,


a full immersion flight simulator chair, and talks with Rahul Lakhote, CEO of its Canadian developer FMS Flight Motion Simulator Inc. [1:44]

The Internet In Yer Eyeball!

FPS gamers rejoice! Soon you too can be the proud owner of a HUD (head’s up display) ala the Master Chief.

Science has once again brought tomorrow to today with the development of a circuit laden contact lens that can be used to not only augment the reality we experience day to day, but aid the visually impaired as well. Imagine having a virtual dashboard for your car projected onto the windshield or your Facebook mini-feeds with you 24/7. Walk up to a restaurant and its Yelp reviews explode off of the menu posted outside.

The first major hurdles have been overcome by University of Washington researchers, including the construction of “light-emitting diodes one third of a millimeter across”

Read the original story at the University of Washington’s website.

Financial Football

From Marketplace Money

The Super Bowl will put an end to the question of who the best football team is this year, this story from our friends at Marketplace might have a longer lasting effect on teens. Visa, the credit card company, and the NFL worked together last year on a program to teach the financial fundamentals to youth by way of that most universal of mediums: video games.

Follow through the link to American Public Media‘s Marketplace for Jeff Tyler’s story.

Or if you need to sharpen your skills on the Gold Standard Gridiron play the game here.