From WTNW: Green Houses are the New College Dorms

Lauren Silverman wants us to believe that “Green” Houses are the New College Dorms at our sister blog, “What’s The New What?”

“Green living” isn’t only popular at hippie colleges such as Oberlin. At the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I go to school, some dorms and many cooperatives are taking a shot at sustainable living. A few weeks ago, when I was hanging out at a friend’s cooperative, I was chided for leaving on the bathroom light. My friend yelled, “We’re in an energy saving competition with the other cooperatives!” Compared to college dormitories and apartments, cooperatives are in a prime position to save both energy and money.

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From WTNW: Psychics are the New Psychologists

Alyssa Wagner believes that Psychics are the New Psychologists at pur sister blog, “What’s The New What.”

Rabbit is a woman I saw when I was about to go abroad and had some serious reservations about the trip. As soon as I walked in the door, without my saying anything, she understood my fears and so much more. After that, it all made sense. When you have a Tarot Card reading session with Rabbit, she asks you if there is anything in particular that you want to ask about and then you both shuffle the Tarot cards. She sets out the cards in a way that will best answer your questions. She refers to the cards as keys that unlock things that were already on your mind.

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Question of the Week: Social Networking Time Suck RESPONSE

Seeing as I am a patron of both Myspace AND Facebook (shh, keep it on the DL, Myspace doesn’t know I’m with Facebook, Facebook doesn’t know I’m with Myspace…there could be some drama…) I spend quite a hefty amount of time wasting away on social networking websites. If you’d wanna whittle all the intricacies and details down to just an average, I’d say about 45 minutes a day. Yikes. Now that I say it back, I realize, that’s pretty bad. Dang that’s actually so much time that I should probably start putting that as one of my extracurricular activities on my college application.

Hmm, not so sure if Cal will like that…

It’s not that I feel guilty, I just feel…well…lazy. It’s a major distraction from all those other responsibilities like homework, chores, work, blah blah blah, but it’s almost become a responsibility in itself. When I get home everyday, instead of going to my room to start on my homework, or going to go talk to my parents about my day, I go straight up to the computer for some quality time. Sure, I use it to avoid chores, but checking my Myspace and my Facebook has become a chore in itself! It’s necessary. If I don’t, I’m pretty sure something will explode. Either that, or the time-space continuum will be…well…discontinued. I need to check it at least once every 3 hours…I’ll choose it over homework, chores, a call back, talking to my mom, almost anything. But I do know that when I’m gone allllll day, and I’m tired and feelin’ like sittin’ back in front of the tube with a good ol’ cup o’ tea, now, I’d rather come home to my humble little Myspace page and feast my eyes on that cherry red “New Messages” notification, the one that’s been neglected all day while I’ve been out living my life. And however jaded that may sound, as one of my coworkers would say, “Welcome to the thousands…”

Mid Day Media Roundup

Mississippi: A Great Young Voter State [Wire Tap]

Ally Klimkoski over at WireTap has a peek at the youth vote in tomorrow’s primary in Mississippi:

In 2006 there were an estimated 440,000 young people in Mississippi compared to the 1.6million people over 30. That’s 27.5 percent of the population, making young people particularly important to the state and to this upcoming election.

Carbon Output Must Near Zero To Avert Danger, New Studies Say [Washington Post via TPM]

From the “Your Future Will Be Teh Suck” Department today:

The task of cutting greenhouse gas emissions enough to avert a dangerous rise in global temperatures may be far more difficult than previous research suggested, say scientists who have just published studies indicating that it would require the world to cease carbon emissions altogether within a matter of decades.

So I guess buying that Hummer is out.

Did Lil’ Romeo earn his scholarship? [USA Today’s Prep Rally]

Romeo Miller, better known as Lil’ Romeo, the son of former rap star Master P, signed a letter of intent to play basketball at Southern California. But The Wall Street Journal wonders: “Some question whether the Millers took advantage of their resources — and their relationship with Demar DeRozan of Compton, Calif., one of the top high-school basketball players in America — to win the scholarship over more talented and less privileged athletes.”

The story has a few other twists and turns… [from WSJ]

Yet the school broke no rules, and Tim Floyd, USC’s basketball coach, makes no apologies about Mr. Miller’s potential to sell tickets. “We may have more 11- to 17-year-old girls in the stands than we’ve had in the past,” he says.

Check out the summary at USA Today or the in depth article at The Wall Street Journal.

Youth Media Round-Up

What if the Millenials Lose?

[ Russell Morse, YO!]

I got a text message from a friend the morning after Tuesday’s primaries. The newly politicized young, Latino Obama supporter asked me, “Should I be concerned?”

To be honest, I didn’t know what to say to him. I have been swept up in the romance of the Obama campaign since Iowa, not because I specifically support him, but because I’ve never in my life seen my generation take an active and enthusiastic role in the political process, discard cynicism and embrace a person and an idea like this. As a result, I suppose that romance tainted my perception of the Hillary campaign, equating in my mind with stagnation and old, tired and dirty politics. Maybe that’s fair, maybe it’s not.

YO!s political commentator Russell Morse was in Rhode Island on Super Tuesday Jr. He shares his observations of the election in this oft overlooked state, and his chief concern: that cynicism will rear its head amongst Millenials on the heels of an Obama loss

Mar. 4 Primaries: A Young Voter Smackdown

[ Ally Klimkoski, Wiretap]

Ally Klimkoski breaks down the numbers in the Youth Vote this past Tuesday.

TechHead Bonus Article:

South By Southwest Interactive aka SXSWi started in Austin, Texas today. SXSWi being the online/interactive portion of thetripple threat festival that includes music and film.

Daniel Terdiman is there for CNET:

Whether it’s because of Twitter’s SXSWi emergence or all things cybergroovy becoming part of pop culture, one thing is certain: SXSWi has gone mainstream. Does that mean it’s also lost its edge?

On the one hand, the article reads like the usual “cool kids/nerds resent others crashing their party”… but there’s something about the mainstreaming of these conferences and conventions that manage to pull their teeth. When the marketing forces stepped into the Game Developer’s Conference this year, the power of the GDC was diluted to some there. Which isn’t what you want in a conference for the people who make games better… or in the case of SXSWi make the internet more awesome.

And can somebody tell me why the year is front loaded with tech conferences and pop culture conventions?

Media Roundup– Tomorrow Is Today Edition

In Five Years… Its All About Mobile

Anastasia Goodstein at ypulse has this breakdown from some talks at the “Youth Marketing Mega Event“that went down in Newport Beach, CA this week. Its this summary of a talk by social media researcher danah boyd:

What I love about danah is that she is a straight shooter. She basically told this room full of marketers desperate to get on teens’ friends lists, that those teens think that’s creepy and invasive. Why? Because it’s THEIR Space — even if it’s public (which most teen profiles aren’t anymore). She had a great analogy of teens telling their parents, “It’s MY ROOM.” And the parents telling teens “It’s MY HOUSE.”

NIN makes at least 750K in two days via online sales
As reported earlier in the week, we are probably watching the future of the music market evolve in real time this year. After the success of Radiohead’s “in rainbows”, Nine Inch Nails “Ghosts I-IV–an instrumental album, no less– shows just how strong the artist direct model is by selling out 3/4 of a million dollars worth of $300 “deluxe” editions in 48 hours.

Sales data on the standard editions isn’t available yet, and the big question headed into the future is will this model lead to less established acts being able to bypass the big labels altogether.

Best of [Late] February

For the shortest month of the year February sure has been busy! Of course, we do get a whole extra day to process it, but still… so much has hapened, there’s no way you caught everything.

With that in mind, here’s a few things from the last couple of weeks you may have missed:

The Game is the New Music Studio

When Brandon McFarland sees Amp Live use a PSP to mix a beat freestyle onstage his vision of video games as mere toys changes in a heartbeat.

HEAR: Brandon meet Amp Live and his shocking skills!

SEE: Brandon match his pipes against ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive” Rock Band style.

BELIEVE: The dork on guitar in the video totally isn’t blog editor Noah Nelson. No, really BELIEVE! Please?

Sexuality: Unacceptable

Candlelight vigils and rallies continue in honor of Lawrence “Larry” King, a 15-year-old who was shot at his Middle School in Oxnard, California. Larry was bullied at school for being openly gay and also gender non-conforming — he wore women’s clothing and make-up on occasion — and it is thought that his identity provoked another student to kill him. Anne Santos reminds us that it wasn’t just Larry King’s life that was affected by violent homophobia. Here’s her own story of when she was assaulted for being gay, and how her family still feels the trauma.

Nico Savidge Liveblogs the Texas and Ohio Debates

He brought you the Savidge World of Sports and helps you to Meet The Mess… and now he liveblogs major political events so you don’t have to watch them. Check out YR personality Nico Savidge’s on the spot response to the big showdowns between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.