The Triumphant Return of SWoS!

It’s been a long time, but the Savidge World of Sports has returned to (hopefully) give daily insight into all things athletic. First on the agenda is my love-hate relationship with soccer…

For years, soccer was one of those things I thought I should like because it would make me feel more cultured and worldly, but didn’t (things like reading “the Economist” or watching “the New Hour with Jim Lehrer”). I couldn’t tell why I never developed a love for the sport, until the World Cup in 2006 – I realized that I only cared about soccer when it mattered. The Germany/Argentina game had me on the edge of my seat (damn Germans…), but change the channel to the MLS and I wasn’t interested. When two teams go up against one another in the World Cup, the hopes and dreams of their entire nation are on their shoulders. Let’s be honest, how many people live and die over the Houston Dynamo?

It was Turkey who got me back into soccer a few weeks ago. Their (frankly ridiculous) comebacks, combined with the enthusiasm of the Turkish fans made me see how exciting the game could be. Even when they lost to Germany in the semifinal (again, damn Germans…) I kept watching – albeit rooting for somebody to beat Germany. So here’s the lesson for the MLS: amazing players and high quality play won’t get Americans into soccer. But legions of fans following every second of their locals teams will, basically meaning that if you want fans, you have to have fans. That’s why it may be too late for soccer in America – unless there’s a massive influx of soccer hooligans from overseas suddenly becoming obsessed with Real Salt Lake, nobody’s ever going to care.


Gay Marriage: Day One

On Monday Youth Radio’s Caitlin Grey, Rynesha Snowden, and Tone Kapone went down to the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder’s Office to watch some people get hitched.

Because Monday, you see, was the first day that homosexual couples could be legally married in California thanks to a recent California State Supreme Court ruling. While there Caitlin and Tone interviewed soon to be newlywed couples and the gathered witnesses. Listen in on some of the sounds and voices at the scene, and check back soon for a sideshow of the event.

Oakland’s First Day of Gay Marriage. [Mp3 Audio]

Youth Radio Benefit @ Ashkenaz in Berkeley

Thursday, 06/19/08
Doors at 7:30 pm; Show at 8:00 pm
$10-up sliding scale

Hip-hop and funk music is the foundation of this fundraiser for Oakland’s Youth Radio, the organization that trains young people in radio, news, and public affairs work and provides an outlet for a young perspective on news, much of it not covered by mainstream media. Performers include Trackademicks, the Jack Sprat Collective, Paragon, and DJ Amp Live of Zion I.

1317 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA
Showline 510-525-5054


Tim Russert

As you have all probably heard, “Meet the Press” host and NBC’s Washington bureau chief, died this afternooon. For a young journalist trying to learn how to become a better reporter, Russert was one of the best models I had – a constantly fair and straight-forward interviewer and moderator, he will certainly be missed. Russert was always a joy to watch, going at his job with the kind of respect for the field I found refreshing. Whether it was in his debate coverage or interviewing on “Meet the Press,” Russert proved that it was still possible to be a fair newsman in this age of punditry and bias. As viewers, we have lost a tenacious and wise reporter who always knew how to get the story. As journalists, we have lost a legendary figure to emulate. On a personal level, Russert’s great coverage inspired me to get into politics – it will be hard to continue covering it without his him there.

From WTNW: Green Houses are the New College Dorms

Lauren Silverman wants us to believe that “Green” Houses are the New College Dorms at our sister blog, “What’s The New What?”

“Green living” isn’t only popular at hippie colleges such as Oberlin. At the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I go to school, some dorms and many cooperatives are taking a shot at sustainable living. A few weeks ago, when I was hanging out at a friend’s cooperative, I was chided for leaving on the bathroom light. My friend yelled, “We’re in an energy saving competition with the other cooperatives!” Compared to college dormitories and apartments, cooperatives are in a prime position to save both energy and money.

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From WTNW: Organic Clothing is the New Haute Couture

Lauren Silverman contends that Organic Clothing is the New Haute Couture at our sister blog, “What’s The New What?”

[Major] retailers such as Payless and Target have embraced “green” clothing. Payless doesn’t only offer silver stilettos, brightly colored plastic flip-flops, and fake leather boots. Now, it features 100% organic sneakers and hemp slides. Target, “where fashion fanatic meets organic-on-a-budget,” just launched its first international collection featuring certified organic items.

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Today on NPR’s Day To Day

This week’s edition of “What’s The New What?” sets out to show that Friends are the New Lovers. Check out the report on NPR’s Day To Day.

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