Practice What You Preach

If somebody asked me today why I was against the Bush Administration, I’d probably say “Because of the hypocrisy”. Bush is against gay rights but the VP’s daughter is a lesbian. He’s all for troops in Iraq, but has he ever fought a battle? And he’s totally anti-abortion, but if he got preggers, would he go through with the bun in the oven?


Although I don’t have much respect for republican ideals, I have found a republican who at least stands behind what SHE says. From watching the Republican National Convention, I’ve gained respect for how potential Vice President Sarah Palin’s political views are carried out in her personal life.


Palin, who’s pro-life, has a 17-year-old pregnant teenage daughter. Palin could have told her daughter that she couldn’t have her looking bad in the public eye and aborted it before the media even found out. Instead, she has backed up her beliefs by embracing her daughter’s pregnancy.


Palin is also for the “War Against Terrorism”, and has a 19-year-old son who deployed for training on September 11th. Palin could have persuaded her son that war was too dangerous, and that he had his whole life ahead of him, but she supports the cause so passionately that she is willing to let her own son fight.


But is Palin just supporting her views or is she being a selfish mother and formulating a larger ploy?


My point is, when Palin’s own children are so much in the public eye and doing controversial, dangerous things, she may not be the best mother, but she certainly supports what she believes in.


3 Responses

  1. To the youth of the world….
    Why would you turn to other youth to solve your problems? They have no more experience than you do at life. And even if they are a year or two older than you it takes years to see if someone is on the right track in life. My suggestion… Find someone in life who has made it successfully. (If not your parents then maybe a friend’s parent’s…not the parents whose kids are in the same mess as you, but the parents of the kids who somehow make the right choices. Success leaves clues. Don’t believe what you read online unless it is backed by someone who has lived it successfully for years and didn’t end up with a disease, divorced, depressed, overdosed, or dead…but look for real success in life and find out how they did it. Time will always tell!!! (Like when smoking was thought by eveyone to be ok… everyone on tv was doing it… it was socially acceptable… until everybody started getting addicted and dying from it.)

  2. Is this a response to my Sarah Palin blog? How does it relate?

    Please clarify, I’m interested in your view.

  3. I’m interested in your view.
    Is Obama administration is better?

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