The Third-Grader Primary

Tonight, Hillary Clinton takes the stage at the Democratic Convention, hoping to put an end to divisions in the party. But one of the best stories we’ve heard about a split in the party came from CNN’s Jamal Simmons. Simmons told the story of going into a classroom in Washington, DC and asking a group of third graders who they wanted to be President. Every kid raised their hand for Barack Obama, except for one girl who was excited about Hillary Clinton. Despite being just eight years old, and having lived almost exclusively with a Bush administration, she knew that Hillary was the wife of former President Bill Clinton, and that she would be the first female President.

When he asked her why, she told Simmons that if there were 43 male Presidents, there should be at least one woman in the office. The easy explanation for her Clinton support would be her parents – but no, they were for Obama, too. Simmons says that when she found out, the eight-year-old refused to speak with her mother for a day. Democrats can only hope that Obama and Clinton supporters will re-unify tonight lik that third-grader’s family did.


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