SfA Pregame: Monday

It’s Monday, August 25th, the official first day of the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and I’ll soon be headed down to the Pepsi Center. After a night of long editorial meetings and (very) brief sleep, the Youth Radio team is hard at work prepping for the first day of a convention already packed with some big headlines.

First, word came last night that Senator Hillary Clinton would assemble all of her pledged delegates at the Colorado Convention Center Wednesday night, and formally release them to Barack Obama. I think this is a good move for Clinton and a good sign for the 08 DNC, because it helps set a tone of party unity the Democrats have longed for since the primaries ended in June. The Democrats may think the split has been healed, but as shown by a recent McCain campaign ad, and a conentious debate between Obama and Clinton supporters on our flight out here, it hasn’t – and the Republicans will look to capitalize on any of her 18 million voters that haven’t made the switch.

Next, Senator Ted Kennedy has made it to Denver, and could make a surprise appearance sometime during the convention. An appearence from the Senator could really electrify this convention, and provide an inspirational story that all the delegates (and, really, anyone in politics) can get behind. And don’t underestimate the power of Senator Kennedy to create party unity: give the Obama-Clinton delegates a common cause to rally around (even if it isn’t really political) and you’ll see a more complete party.

Well, we’re off to brave the general havoc of the 2008 DNC. Check back in with youthradioflows.wordpress.com later tonight for more news and analysis of the Democratic National Convention.


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