Denver Can’t Come Soon Enough

According to a new CNN poll, Barack Obama has lost his once-large lead over John McCain, and now has just a one-point advantage. Granted, John McCain spent the last week on the war path and got some help from a friendly crowd at the Saddleback Forum while Barack Obama was on vacation and off the campaign trail, but it’s still a significant change in numbers. Combine that with a new Reuters/Zogby poll that shows McCain with a five-point lead over Obama, and the Democrats may find themselves limping into the Denver’s Pepsi Center next week.

Thankfully for the Obama campaign, before the Democratic Convention begins Monday they will have opportunities to bring more positive press back to their campaign – the most important of which will be his choice of a running mate. I would guess the campaign will send out their text messages announcing the veep nominee either this evening or tomorrow (and not sometime Friday, since, as explored in a great West Wing episode, nobody watches the Friday evening news and nobody reads the Saturday paper). That allows Obama to build up hype for his planned rally in Springfield, Illinois on Saturday, and ride into Denver with news of close polls pushed to the back page.

It’s been a tough start to the week for the Obama campaign, but the timing of the running mate announcement (and the impending convention) could turn the second half around.

Youth Radio (and Savidge for America) will be all over the Democratic National Convention next week, so check out for all the news from Denver.


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