Psychadelic Pshowcase

You don’t need to take shrooms to go on a crazy psychadelic ride! Just drop by the de Young Museum for the Dale Chihuly Exhibit of glass sculptures, figures, and gardens.

The exhibit features over a dozen rooms of glass sculptures created by Team Chihuly, followed by a documentary at the end showing how the pieces were created. It showcases everything from fantastical gardens of colorful glass plants to Chihuly’s glass interpretations of Native American woven baskets. The exhibit employs light to showcase the bright and exuberant colors Chihuly uses. Chihuly incorporates nature into his pieces, including “Reeds”, which features purple irridescent glass rods emerging from logs strewn about the ground. Chihuly also immitates nature in his flat disc-like orange and yellow pieces, which are reminiscent of sea anemones and mysterious aquatic life forms.

In the video after, and from the Audio Tour (which is definitely worth the extra $6), I learned that Chihuly was influenced by everything from delicate Japanese floral arrangements called Ikebana, to how glass breaks when thrown into the water.

It’s worth a visit, so drop by the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park to see the show.

To learn more about the show:

To learn more about the artist:


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