Obama Speech at INVESCO Field Sold Out (Already)

When Barack Obama makes his speech accepting the Democratic Nomination for President on August 28th at Denver’s INVESCO Field, he’ll be speaking to a packed house: CNN is reporting that the campaign stopped the application process for free tickets yesterday, having filled more than 60,000 seats. Obama announced in early July that he would move his speech from the 20,000-seat Pepsi Center, where the rest of the 2008 DNC will take place, to the massive football stadium across the South Platte River.

Although the speech (and especially its location) won’t help counter the McCain campaign’s charge that Obama is nothing more than a celebrity who draws huge crowds but isn’t ready to lead, it will certainly dominate the headlines for a few days, and possibly have legs in the media going into the start of the RNC.

And speaking of DNC coverage… Youth Radio (and Savidge for America) will be at the Democratic Convention in just a few weeks. So for all your convention coverage check out youthradioflows.wordpress.com.


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  1. holy cow that is an amazing accomplishment

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