John Edwards says he’s not the baby’s daddy

After denying the allegations of extramarital affairs on numerous occasions, former presidential hopeful John Edward finally admits to having an affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter today, but has stated that he is not the father of her child. Although denying this claim, National Enquirer editor David Perel absolutely believes Edwards fathered Hunter’s baby. Edwards told ABC News that he told his wife Elizabeth, as well as others in his family, about the affair in 2006.

The National Enquirer initially reported the allegations in October, and reported a new story in July when the tabloids encountered him at a Beverly Hills, Calif. hotel, where Hunter and her child were staying.

I must say it is quite sad hearing this story, involving a charismatic and loving politician. Being that his wife has been suffering from an incurable form of cancer, adds fuel to the fire. Like Hillary Clinton said during a campaign stop for Senator Obama when asked about the scandal, “My thoughts and prayers are with the Edwards family…”


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