Miley Cyrus is the New Britney Spears

BY Asha Richardson

OAKLAND_Britney Spears’ spotlight has shifted to a new star, 15-year-old Miley Cyrus. Last year seemed to be the downfall for Britney, from her extremely publicized life drama to her disastrous come-back attempt at the 2007 MTV Music Awards.

Last year also marked the release of Miley Cyrus’ “Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus”. The previous year, the Disney sitcom Hannah Montana debuted, where Miley Cyrus plays a girl who is secretly the country pop sensation Hannah Montana. In only two years Miley already released 2 albums, 6 soundtracks and just finished her year long Best of Both Worlds Tour. She also guest stared in cartoon show “the Emperors New School”, previously she played Ruthie in Big Fish (2003). She hosted this year’s Teen Choice Awards, winning 3 awards herself, and will acting in the upcoming movie Bolt.

Some parents paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars to get the best seats for their kids to see Miley/Hannah perform. I thought only 10- 14 year old little girls would want to go see the show, but girls in their late teens were seen throughout the crowd at her concert. Even girls in my class left school early super excited to see her concert. I honestly don’t understand how quickly she is reaching her stardom.

While Britney and Miley share the experience of skyrocketing to fame, the main difference to me between the two is that Britney is way more sexualized than Miley. Britney appeared in the “Hit Me Baby One more time” music video in a naughty school girl outfit.  Throughout Britney career she was seen as a sexual icon, showing skin in tight outfits, or belly dancing half naked with a snake. Despite the recent pictures blasted across the web of Miley in tiny skirts or hotel bathtubs; Miley, in her concerts and on her TV show seems to look like your average teenage girl layering graphic tees on top of jeans or skirt. Occasionally she wears short skirt or little dress, but her outfits don’t seem to be to out of the norm for the teen girl of 2008.

Also Miley does more than sing. She acts in her own TV sitcom, and in two upcoming movies. The cycle of blond pop star will never end. Let’s see if she will make it through the negative tabloid attacks or truly become New Britney Spears, bald head and all.


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