Clinton and the 2008 DNC

NBC News is reporting that Bill Clinton will speak at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, on the same night (August 27th) as Barack Obama’s running mate. Clinton was known during the primaries as one of the harshest Democratic critics of Barack Obama, and often got himself into trouble during the campaign for possibly overstepping his bounds as a surrogate for his wife’s campaign.

I think this is a good move for party unity and a way to put down rumors of increased tension between the former president and current nominee. Clinton is obviously not going to say anything that would embarass the party or hurt its chances when he speaks from the convention floor, and let’s face it: Democrats love Bill Clinton, and the party still hasn’t fully healed itself. I don’t think Obama has done enough thus far to win over former Clinton supporters, and one way to do that would be to give his former opponent – or, in this case, her staunchest ally – a prominent role at the convention (if not a prominent role on the ticket, although I still don’t buy “Clinton for Veep” rumors).

Youth Radio (and Savidge for America) will be at the Democratic Convention in just a few weeks, so for all your convention coverage check out


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