Mission Accomplished

After weeks of a perceived media bias for Barack Obama, a new Pew study reports that John McCain received approximately the same amount of air time as Obama, and it’s thanks to his controversial new ad. “Celeb” drew a lot of attention when it first came out last week thanks its use of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton imagery and the idea that Barack Obama is a celebrity who, according to McCain, isn’t ready to lead. As the story evolved, new facets were revealed: the Hilton family is a major McCain donor and wasn’t too happy about the negative portrayal of their daughter, Obama referenced the ad and then made comments some considered “playing the race card.” Soon, the story snowballed from a simple ad to a media¬† frenzy, ensuring McCain’s name was all over the news.

This means I misjudged the intent of the ad – it might not have been about saying one candidate was better than the other, it was about generating controversy to get that candidate’s name in the papers. Whether this was the stated reason for the ad remains to be seen, but if it was the campaign has been successful. It might not directly result in McCain getting more votes, but it sure doesn’t hurt that he gets to spend more time on the front page.


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