Return of the SWoS Friday Roundup!

Or, put another way, me posting links to stories from Deadspin and combined with mediocre one-liners…
– This article in Time Magazine about underage drinking has one of the best anecdote leads I’ve ever read. Honestly, if you were to pick one athlete to do this, wouldn’t it be John Daly?

– What’s the worst name you could see in front of “Sex Tape”? Well, yes, Larry King. But #2 has to be Patriots coach Bill Belichick… America just let out a collective shudder

– Somebody stole about $200-worth of Duke and UNC merchandise from a Cracker Barrel restaurant in North Carolina. I didn’t know there was $200-worth of stuff in a Cracker Barrel.

– Baron Davis in suspenders, riding a tandem bike with Steve Nash. My job here is done.


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