No Way? Way!

I did something I haven’t done since 7th Grade last night: I sat down and watched the X-Games. And you know what? It wasn’t all that bad.

You could say I was drawn to the “Big Air” skateboarding by the massive Jake Brown fall at last years’ X-Games (Deadspin’s preview of the event this year was titled “The Potential For More Men Falling Four Stories And Almost Dying Begins Tonight“), but once I’d seen a few runs off the massive ramps, I was hooked. And then, this happened:

Danny Way’s crash would have probably broken the legs of most mere mortals, but this guy walked away and WENT BACK OUT to finished the competition. Not only that, Way got into a three-way fight for the gold medal with Bob Burnquist and Jake Long, eventually taking silver and inspiring the Waynes World reference/bad pun title for this blog entry.

Watching that performance, I couldn’t help being reminded of Colin McRae at the X Games rally two years ago, where he rolled his car one turn from the finish but continued once he was on four wheels (his co-driver said McRae was back in first gear, ready to go, before they were right-side-up). I expected that from Colin – he’s the greatest rally driver ever and is famous for alway driving flat out (early in his career, he was nicknamed Colin McCrash) – he was showing the wannabe rally punks how it’s done. But having seen Danny Way’s fall and recovery last night, I have some newfound respect for the X-Games. If there are more events like the Big Air competition last night, I just might get in touch with my eXtreme side and watch.


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