Doing Something (Else) Kerry Didn’t Do

Barack Obama’s campaign launched a website dedicated to responding to negative ads from the McCain campaign. Called “The Low Road Express,” the website references the McCain campaign bus by saying “The Straight Talk Express Has Taken a Nasty Turn Into the Gutter.” This comes as the McCain campaign releases another ad designed to mock Obama’s celebrity status (just days after the ad “Celeb” came out earlier this week) they’re calling “The One”:

For many Democrats, seeing a Presidential candidate willing to respond to attacks will be a relief. John Kerry vowed to stay out of the mess when he ran in 2004 (even when the criticisms were, for Democrats, painfully easy to put down), and for a while it seemed like Obama would too. But now he’s going after the claims by the McCain campaign and other sites (the site invites users to send in “Low Blows”), paving the way for a rocky campaign from all sides. Like I said at the start of the general election: it’s gonna get rough.


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