SWoS Friday Roundup

Well just like I did on the politics blog, today I’m relinquishing my “blogger who actually gives analysis” role in favor my much easier “blogger who just links to strange/funny stuff they found online today” persona. Enjoy

Eggycam.com, a website with a streaming webcam showing a group of unhatched eggs, where visitors are invited to place bets on which will hatch first. Many questions come to mind when you think of this kind of gambling: how do you keep John Daly away from it? what gives egg #4 7-1 odds, while #5 is 10-1? and, the eggs won’t hatch for another two weeks, but can’t I take my eyes off the streaming video?

– ESPN Columnist Jerry Crasnick on former Oakland Athletics manager Dick Williams’ induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend

– According to EA Sports’ NCAA Football 2009, the University of Wisconsin’s (go badgers) Camp Randall Stadium is the #8 toughest place to play in the nation – and I’m going to be there next year. Score.

– Deadspin’s “Awful Announcing” rundown of Thursday’s top moments in sports includes USC coach Pete Carroll revealing his Indiana Jones tendencies, some deranged Packers fans (is there any other kind?), the MLS’s “Bitchy the Hawk,” and an (all joking aside) awful brawl from the minor leagues


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