McCain Veepstakes Buzz Update

I know it’s only been a few days since I ended my coverage of the race to be John McCain’s Vice-Presidential nominee, but this week has seen a few big stories emerge about the Senator’s choices. First, there was the rumor from columnist and scourge of Washington DC pedestrians Bob Novak, who said Monday that McCain would pick his VP sometime this week, perhaps to take media coverage away from Barack Obama’s trip abroad. Next there came the news that Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor who had been mentioned as a possible veep pick, was dropping out of the race to be #2.

As far as Jindal goes, I didn’t see the dropout coming, although I never thought he would be the final choice for a running mate. Jindal comes from Louisiana, a state that is about as solid as they come for the Republican party, and let’s face it: his race would become an issue. If voters weren’t going to vote for Barack Obama because of his race, I don’t know how much they would go for a Republican ticket with an Indian-American Vice-Presidential candidate. That said, he is immensely popular with Republicans, and (as I often read when researching the veepstakes series) the office of Vice President isn’t exactly something you turn down. 

Second, I doubt we’ll see John McCain make his choice for a running mate this soon in the process, and at this point in both campaigns. Because the Republicans hold their convention the week after the Democrats have theirs, McCain has the ability to react to Barack Obama’s pick when he makes his, and give the most attention to his choice of candidate. Also, the “Big Three” network anchors – Couric, Williams, and Rose – are all across the Atlantic with Obama (along with, it seems, every single other journalist in the country). Even if McCain had the more exciting news, those anchors and correspondents would all be sending out reports from the “Change n’ Hope Express” (or whatever they call Barack Obama’s plane).


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