Bartman’s Back… Kinda

Steve Bartman, the infamous Walkman-sporting Chicago Cubs fan whose inference in a play was blamed for the Cubs’ collapse against the Florida Marlins during the 2003 NLCS, has been offered $25,000 to sign one autograph at a memorabilia show in Rosemont, Illinois. Bartman has been incredibly reclusive since the incident: he has declined every interview and book deal offered to him after receiving death threats from fellow Chicago “fans.” and the National Sports Collectors’ Convention are offering Bartman $25,000 to show up to their convention, prove his identity, and sign one autograph of a picture of the play.

Considering I’ve never been a loyal supporter of a “cursed” team (although the Cubs are my second-favorite team, which is high praise), I might not have the correct experience to speak on this, but I think it’s time we forget about Steve Bartman. The infamous “Bartman Ball” was blown up a few years ago, and Cubs fans have had plenty of time to move on (they haven’t of course, but they should have). Nevermind the fact that everyone else around Bartman was going for the ball, and that it would have been a hell of a play for Moises Alou to make if he wanted that out, Bartman has paid his due. He’s faced death threats, he’s been forced out of the life he once knew, and he’s spent the last five years living down a five-second mistake Come on, Cubs fans, let’s get over Steve Bartman and look to the future: your team is leading the Central, and has the best record in the National League. There are better things to focus on than what some fan did five years ago.


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