Would Liberal Bloggers Survive an Obama Presidency?

Over the past two decades, we’ve seen certain forms of media criticism flourish based on who is in office: during the 1990s, conservative talk radio had a field day with the Clinton Presidency, and since President Bush has been in office liberal bloggers have taken that spot as well. The thread running through these two media fads has been that in each case, the person (or party) in power has given the critics something to rail against. This begs the question for November: if Barack Obama wins the 2008 election, will the liberal blogs disappear?

Of course, Talking Points Memo and Daily Kos won’t go away if Obama is elected, just like Rush Limbaugh wasn’t out of a job after Bush won in 2000. But the liberal blog was born out of Bush and Republican criticism, which gave writers an easy target every day (also, during their biggest rise in 2005, the administration hit a rough patch with Hurricane Katrina and the failed Supreme Court appointment of Harriet Meyers). Now, if their only inspiration is a President and Congress they (mostly) agree with, those sites will become much less popular and could lead to a rise in conservative blogs like Red State. Sure, they could survive if Obama is elected (after all, conservative talk radio hosts stayed on criticizing Democrats even when the White House and Congress were both controlled by Republicans) by going after the Democrats for not leaning left enough or Republicans for frustrating their agenda. But if the bloggers are seeing their people in power, they won’t have much to criticize.


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