Three McCain VP Myths

There have  been a few rumors about John McCain’s choices for a Vice-Presidential candidate that I’m just not buying:

1. Tim Pawlenty  has the spot sewn up. Don’t get me wrong, I think T-Paw (as he shall henceforth be known on Savidge for America) is in the best position to be McCain’s running mate. He has a good relationship with both evangelicals and moderates and a “working man” image that would work well with the middle class, traits that would balance him well with McCain. But based on how a lot of people have been talking about him, you’d think the “McCain/Pawlenty ’08” bumper stickers were on sale. Many in politics have forgotten that there are some other big names in the Republican Veepstakes. Pawlenty is going up against Charlie Crist (whose home state of Florida has a lot of potential campaign donors, unlike Pawlenty’s Minnesota), and Mitt Romney (who has an established public image and political network already). So let me put it this way – Tim Pawlenty is leading, but there’s a long way to go.

2. John McCain won’t need an evangelical running mate to motivate the Religious Right. Barack Obama is doing pretty well motivating the Democratic base for this election. John McCain? Well if we say the Republican base are the “values voters” that carried Bush in 2000 and 2004, he’s not doing that well. During the end of the primaries, Mike Huckabee was still getting double-digit percentages in many states precisely because John McCain was losing religious voters. Where he’s strong with Republican voters, John McCain is very strong – national security, for instance. But where he’s weak, on the economy and on social issues, John McCain is very weak. He’s going to need some help if he wants that base to show up this November.

3. Mitt Romney might be McCain’s choice. The Fix, a Washington Post blog I reference regularly on Savidge for America, has Mitt Romney as the favorite to be McCain’s VP nominee, but I’m not convinced. Sure, McCain needs a running mate who is strong on the economy: it’s the most important issue of the election according to voters, and McCain has admitted he’s no expert. Romney is the kind of fiscal conservative McCain would want, and he would bring Michigan into the Republican column, but I don’t think Romney and McCain will work as a combination. They simply don’t get along after campaigning against each other, and Romney was never very popular in the primaries – he was seen as too polished as a candidate, someone who wasn’t genuine (inspiring the nickname “Romneybot 3000” on Indecision2008). John McCain would want a running mate like Mitt Romney – he just wouldn’t want Mitt Romney.


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  1. Here’s something that’s definitely NOT a myth:

    McCain/Palin ’08

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