Three Obama VP Myths

Here are a few ideas about Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential nominee pick that I think are off the mark:

1. Obama will pick a moderate Republican like Chuck Hagel. This is an idea that gets floated out fairly often during these elections – the nominee from one party will pick a VP from another – and rarely does it pan out. In 2004, John McCain was considered a possible nominee for John Kerry, and some have tossed Joe Liberman into the list of McCain veeps for this election, and the same is happening now with Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel. It’s definitely tempting to put the two of them together – Obama the uniter, trying to go beyond party politics, Hagel the Iraq War critic and friend of the Democrats. But consider that Hagel comes from Nebraska, one of the more “red” states on the map and a place where a Democrat doesn’t stand a chance, and that the pro-choice group NARAL gave him a 0% score in their 2007 ratings. The way I see it, Hagel would be set up nicely for a spot in an Obama cabinet, but not the #2 position.

2. A left-of-center Vice President would hurt the Obama campaign. Not only do I think this idea isn’t right, I think the opposite is true. This idea that Obama is drifting right seems to be a recent fad on the election scene, unlike his very liberal voting record (according to the National Journal, Obama was the most liberal Senator of 2007) which will probably be an issue Republicans want to explore in the coming months. A VP choice with a more moderate voting record could help deflect any attacks like that, and shouldn’t hurt the campaign much at all.

3. Obama will choose Hillary Clinton. These rumors of the “dream ticket” seem to have died down recently, but I know there are still those out there convinced that we’ll see an Obama/Clinton ticket this November. I’ve never understood or bought into this rumor – first of all, given all the attacks from both candidates (and their surrogates) during the primaries, I find it hard to believe they would be able to work out campaigning on the same ticket. Second, there is the posibility that Hillary Clinton would try to overstep her bounds as Vice President, and always remember that when you get Hillary, you get Bill too – President Clinton might try to influence an Obama White House more than he’s welcome to. And third, there is this idea coming from Savidge for America’s chief political/Washington Huskies Basketball correspondent Galen Savidge: Obama has worked hard to move the idea of his campaign past the idea that he is just an African-American running for President. Having Hillary Clinton on the ticket could give the public a perception that this is a “Black man and woman” campaign instead of a “hope and change” cammpaign.

Be sure to read Savidge for America tomorrow when I discuss the new front-runners for the Democratic Vice Presidential nomination.


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  1. if he don’t pick Hillary….he will lose for sure

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