Getting my Fix

On Monday I learned that I would receive student season tickets to Wisconsin Football this year (go badgers), and as you can guess, I’m pretty excited about that. Not only do I get to see a Top-25 team play in one of the loudest and most raucus stadiums on Earth, I get to feed my addiction to college football.

I’m not sure when it started, but for years I’ve loved nothing more than Saturdays spent watching game after glorious game, and seeing it live that afternoon. For more than a decade, my family has had season tickets to University of California football (go bears), and while most of those years were spent watching a team stuck in the cellar of the Pac 10, I still loved it. When the team actually became respectable, the experience was even better. Some of my most amazing sports moments came from Cal Football: the (and there’s no other way to describe this) life-altering triple-overtime upset  of USC in 2003, the game against Oregon in 2006 (when I have never heard a stadium so loud), and our sweet revenge against Tennessee just last year (complete with this amazing Desean Jackson return).

Yes, I love college football, and this year I won’t have to worry about missing the great atmosphere of a packed Memorial Stadium: I’ve got Camp Randall and 76,000 fellow junkies to help me feed the addiction.


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