Veepstakes! (pos-Webb edition)

Virginia Senator Jim Webb announced yesterday that he does not want to be the Democrats’ nominee for Vice President. Given his status as a Veteran, his experience as Secretary of the Navy under Reagan, and his recent success in passing the new G.I. Bill, Webb was considered a front-runner for VP. However, he made the decision to continue serving in the Senate instead of running for the Vice Presidency, looking to capitalize on momentum from the G.I. Bill. So for the next few days, I’ll be looking at who Barack Obama might choose as a running mate (McCain coverage to follow next week), with the help of Savidge for America Political Strategist/Seattle Bureau Chief/my brother, Galen Savidge. Today’s topic – what Obama is looking for in a VP.

The two main qualities Obama will want to see in a running mate are the same as they were before Webb’s exit: someone who has experience getting things done in Washington and someone who can make the candidate competitive in a “swing state” (preferably a big one). According to Galen, Webb fulfilled both, with his military service as a bonus to counter charges from McCain that an Obama presidency would lack the necessary perspective the military would bring. Also, Virginia is a state where Democrats have been steadily gaining ground, to the point that many consider it a toss-up (despite not going “blue” for decades).

An Obama-Webb campaign would make the state a lock in November, leading to a question for Obama – even if it’s not going to be Webb, should he still choose a Virginian for VP? Or should he campaign hard for the state and pick a running mate from another swing state (like Indiana or Ohio)? I’ll try to answer that question tomorrow (you can feel the anticipation!).


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