Let’s not do this again…

Over the past few days, some on the left have begun questioning John McCain’s service in the Vietnam War. There were, of course, retired general Wesley Clark’s comments on Face the Nation, and there have also been rumblings about it on left-leaning blogs. One, titled, “Honestly, besides being tortured, what did McCain do to excel in the Military,” says, “If McCain is going to play the ‘I was tortured’ card every five minutes as a justification for electing him president, then he shouldn’t throw a hissy fit any time any one asks to know more about his military experience. Getting shot down, tortured, and then doing propaganda for the enemy is not command experience.”

You would think that Democrats – with these guys still a fresh memory – would be the last to question the service of someone like John McCain. But now, they seem to be using the same tactics that were so reviled back in 2004, when their candidate was the center of a line of attacks. It’s only July, and already this election has a “swift boat” on its hands – give the campaigns four more months of this, and we can expect some pretty nasty things to be said about both candidates. So if I may, I’d like to propose a ground rule: no going after people’s wartime service. The right crossed that boundary in 2004, now the left is doing the same, and I think it’s time for all of it to end.


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