Tim Russert

As you have all probably heard, “Meet the Press” host and NBC’s Washington bureau chief, died this afternooon. For a young journalist trying to learn how to become a better reporter, Russert was one of the best models I had – a constantly fair and straight-forward interviewer and moderator, he will certainly be missed. Russert was always a joy to watch, going at his job with the kind of respect for the field I found refreshing. Whether it was in his debate coverage or interviewing on “Meet the Press,” Russert proved that it was still possible to be a fair newsman in this age of punditry and bias. As viewers, we have lost a tenacious and wise reporter who always knew how to get the story. As journalists, we have lost a legendary figure to emulate. On a personal level, Russert’s great coverage inspired me to get into politics – it will be hard to continue covering it without his him there.


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