Has Clinton doomed Obama? Let’s wait ‘till November to ask that

Politico.com has surprising headline at the top of their page tonight: “Will Clinton take the blame if Obama fails?” Funny, it’s been one day after she left the race and fully supported Barack Obama, but apparently Hillary Clinton has cost the Democrats the race already. Folks, it’s still early. It’s still very early. Nobody’s gone to vote in the general election, the two candidates haven’t had a debate yet, and Barack Obama and John McCain are still the “presumptive” nominees of their respective parties. It’s easy to say now that if John McCain wins the general election in five months, that it was Senator Clinton who killed Senator Obama’s chances. But let’s give these candidates some time.

Sure, Hillary Clinton probably made it easier on John McCain (he got to actively campaign for November while Clinton and Obama fought for delegates to the end), but the Democrats have a lot of time to re-unite the party. Let’s face it – Democrats REALLY want this election. That means that Barack Obama will reach out the women and blue collar workers he failed to attract in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, and Clinton will certainly try hard to get her “Hil-raisers” behind Obama. There was a lot of talk about how some Clinton supporters might jump ship to John McCain, but I doubt any of them actually will, because the two candidates are so different on key issues (in the wake of Senator McCain’s rightward shift since he became the presumptive nominee).

When asked if he wanted to be on the ticket for vice president, a politician once said, “don’t bury me until I’m dead” (thank you, “the West Wing”). It’s a long road to November – there’s plenty of time for gaffes, “Swift Boating,” and at least three scandals to have “-gate” attached to them. Let’s wait until November 5th to bury one of these campaigns – then we can debate why they lost.


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