From WTNW: Psychics are the New Psychologists

Alyssa Wagner believes that Psychics are the New Psychologists at pur sister blog, “What’s The New What.”

Rabbit is a woman I saw when I was about to go abroad and had some serious reservations about the trip. As soon as I walked in the door, without my saying anything, she understood my fears and so much more. After that, it all made sense. When you have a Tarot Card reading session with Rabbit, she asks you if there is anything in particular that you want to ask about and then you both shuffle the Tarot cards. She sets out the cards in a way that will best answer your questions. She refers to the cards as keys that unlock things that were already on your mind.

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  1. Because most Americans already associate Tarot cards with psychics, your report might be seen as yesterday’s news. I don’t think Tarot readers are evil or Satanic but the use of Tarot cards by psychics has already been covered numerous times in the maintream press.

    In a culture in which the old Steven Wright joke about playing Poker with Tarot cards can still get a laugh, it might be more newsworthy or “man bites dog” material to report that people really are playing actual card games with a Tarot deck! The Europeans, especially the French, have played Tarot card games for years and it now appears that a growing number of Americans are taking up this pastime. This development has the potential to radically transform the way our culture perceives Tarot cards. I dare say a Tarot revolution might be in the making here.

    While doing my Tarot research on the internet, I often encounter small independent groups of Tarot game players being formed here in the US. Here are at least three examples:

    I think it would interest your listeners if you would investigate this phenomenon and interview some of these Tarot game players at the above websites. I think the report would also be good for video because the Tarot cards normally used for the game are quite different from those normally used in divination. I’ve brought some of these French gaming Tarot decks to work with me and they’ve become quite a topic for conversation.

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