Personal Budget

I was watching the Spanish news with my parents yesterday and the story that grabbed my attention was about a family who were forced to sell their personal belongings for a quick buck. I can’t imagine myself selling my gold necklace that was giving to me by my parents for my quinceañera. I’m thankful that I haven’t seen myself in that need but I do understand the motivation behind it. It’s upsetting to see how the financial crisis has pushed people to the limit. I used to believe that the United States– being such a powerful nation and known as the land of opportunities– couldn’t suffer this way. I guess there comes a time where even the strongest ruler has to step down sometimes. Of course my family is not like the one I saw on the news but we are suffering some of the same problems. Take my own for example: I’m young and as teenager there are some rules I’ve come across such as having fun as much as you can. But with gas almost reaching 5 dollars I’m about to break that rule. I own a small Nissan Sentra that used to get filled up with 25 dollars and now it takes 40 dollars. If you ask me, I could have used that extra fifteen dollars to get my nails done or something lol. I’m not a parent or a homeowner but I’m still financially hurting. As a college student money is already short but with inflation raising my pockets have been shrinking. I’ve had to put my female needs to the side and start helping more at home. In a strange way this crisis has made me more responsible, but I’ve learned enough and its time that things start changing. I hate seeing families suffering because of this. It brings me flashbacks of how people in my home country were suffering. Don’t be mistaken and believe that this problem is only affecting US citizens, because most developing countries like mine are hurting even more. My family members in El Salvador say the cost of food has increased too much for them to consider having a decent meal everyday. Instead they have to get use to having beans and rice three times a day. So for now my nails are going to have to wait until this situation gets better.


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