Immigration Cruncher

Immigration is a serious topic for me but at the same time it’s becoming
worn out. This issue has brought heated arguments with a friend of mine and
every time I say that I don’t believe that ALL illegal immigrants should be
legalized she always says “There just like us and deserve the opportunity”.

I crossed the border for more opportunities and that’s how I’ve learned to
respect the country that has allowed me to stay as a legal resident. My
friend on the other hand is still on the waiting list in order to get her
residency. I understand that obtaining a green card was much easier during
my time (90’s) but once 9/11 all that changed and its become a battle for
undocumented immigrants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-immigrant but I do believe that living in
this country is a privilege. That is why I do agree that in order to stay in
this country people should have a decent record- no felonies. My friend
calls it discrimination but I call it awareness or even prevention. One of
the things that we both agreed on was that immigrants are crucial to the
economy and deserve our respect and equality.

It hurts to see how companies take advantage of them by not paying them what
they should. I know it’s a critical topic but it’s time that this issue is
taken seriously because it’s driving immigrants to the limit. I know because
I’ve seen families that have fallen into the fast life for quick cash.


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