Edwards’ Endorsement of Obama

After former presidential candidate John Edwards gave his long-waited endorsement to Senator Barack Obama, now what? Will it actually help boost him with the so-called blue collar votes? We will just have to wait and see on the Kentucky primary which will take place on May 20. The polls there shows an overwhelming lead towards Senator Clinton by double digits. Due to the fact that Obama struggles with the working-class vote, it appears that the Reagan Democrats are up for grabs as soon as the general election kicks off and they are vital for Obama in order for him to win the popular vote in the fall.

It has been shown from time to time that endorsements doesn’t really have much on an impact on a candidate’s victory. Which is quite true because look at Ted Kennedy’s and John Kerry’s major endorsement for Obama, he didn’t even carried Massachusetts. So I wouldn’t think that John Edwards’ endorsement would have much of an effect either. But I suppose we will all just have to wait and see.


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