Hillary’s Fight to the Finish

Yesterday in West Virginia, Senator Hillary Clinton vowed to stay in the presidential race even after her big loss in North Carolina and slim victory in Indiana. Democratic Party insiders, particularly those who are loyal and supporting the junior Senator of New York are facing pressure to switch their support towards Obama. Like I said before in my previous blogs, she has every right to stay in the race, however, Democrats fear that their might be a civil war within the Party because of the growing feud between the Obama surrogates and the Clinton surrogates. It has become clear who the presumptive Democratic nominee is going to be but Hillary isn’t giving up her hopes yet.

She should continue her campaign and raise enough money to pay off her debts. She in fact did loan her campaign another $6.4 million coming straight from her own pocket just recently. Now that Obama expanded his lead in the popular vote, the ongoing argument that Hillary makes that she has more popular votes including Florida and Michigan is no longer in check even if she were to count them now. The only realistic way she can receive this nomination is if super delegates decide to overturn the will of the popular vote and the pledged delegate count, which could ultimately turn off a lot Obama’s base supporters. In which case Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” will have succeeded. My personal advice to Hillary, come back in 2012.


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  1. When I was growing up we would play a Basketball game called twenty-one. However, some of the games would not make it to twenty-one due to the fact some one would get to twelve first. Twelve, would win the game only if no one has scored a point, and the some else had twelve. Well, as we know Sentor Clinton has gotten some points. However, he questoin is since Obama has more points than she, and it does not seem he will be letting up in his scoring. Giving up is never good, but the party that she has fought so hard to be apart of. She seems to be willing to allow it to be destroyed because of pride. She does not have to quit, but larger heads needs to prevail.

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