May 1st: Protest Day

It has been going on for the last couple of years on the first day of May in cities across the nation. Thousands of immigrants and activists gather together and protests hoping that the government would enact immigration reform. This should be a better year for these activists to let their voices be heard since it is Election year, they can call on the presidential hopefuls to pursue a reform benefiting their rights to be treated equal as a citizen would.

I don’t blame these people one bit for doing this, after all, they do deserve the right to reside in the United States regardless whether they’re a natural born or not. I believe that immigrants came to live here for one purpose, and that is to pursue the American dream. Unfortunately, a number of these people get discriminated against, whether they don’t speak fluent English or just simply as some would put “an undocumented worker.” Hopefully, the government would come up with some sort of reform that will grant immigrants to their stay in the U.S.


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