Final Countdown to the Pennsylvania Primary

The polls are nearly closing for the Pennsylvania primary, with history-shattering turnout of new voters across the Keystone State. Senator Clinton is currently holding a mid-single digit lead over Senator Obama. I don’t find it quite surprising at all if she only wins by a narrow margin since it has been a close race in most of the states particularly with the ones that holds some of the largest population across the country. My prediction would be at least a 6-point victory win for Senator Clinton, if not, more. My bet is that she might be able to have a similar win in Ohio, which she won by around 12 points.

Senator Clinton held a 20-point lead over Obama a few weeks before but since has dropped to now single digits, but it can definitely vary depending on the turnout of voters. The junior senator of Illinois has been outspending her, mainly on TV ads from 3-1. Both of them spent the last minute trading shots with each other and making campaign stops.

If Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton were to win by only single digits, she should still stay in the race by her own rights because a win is win. I find it very unfortunate that people are calling her to drop out, especially by the Obama supporters. In addition, neither candidates will be able to reach the magic number of delegates(2025 in order to be nominated) anyway so what’s the fuss about? Afraid that the Democratic Party’s unity will be shatter if their candidate doesn’t clinch the nomination?


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