Popularity to the Extreme

What do eight teens do when they are bored? Well, in Polk County, Florida, eight teens decided to invite a sixteen year old girl over and beat her up. The motive was so to film it and put it online, for the eight to gain popularity. The popularity was not what they expected, its a popular story in the “Crime section” of the news. They are now being tried as adults with charges for multiple crimes.

What I see of the situation is that people are using the internet as their battleground; like these teens must have needed something more than sending a mean comment to their victim’s Myspace page. Online videos have made ironic situations where the suspects of the crime provide the evidence for the crime they committed. If this is just the start of physical crimes on the internet, it’s hard to imagine what level people will take it to in the future.

Read the original article

-David Leipper


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