ABC Network Under Criticism for Last Night’s Democratic Debate

Last night on April 16, 2008, both Democratic presidential candidates Senator Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama faced off at their 21st debate, nearly one week prior to the Pennsylvania primary that’s being held on the 22nd. ABC moderators Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos drew some criticism afterwards from viewers, most of whom are Obama supporters, for asking the senator from Illinois a series of questions relating to his association with former Weather Underground leader William Ayers, as well as questioning Senator Obama’s patriotism and why he does not wear the flag lapel pin. William Ayers was a political activist from the 1960s who admitted to the bombings of the pentagon in the 1970s. After the attacks of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, he went on to say, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel like we didn’t do enough,” when interviewed by the New York Times.

The topic of Senator Obama’s pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright who made some controversial remarks in some of his sermons was also brought up. A lot of others feel that if Mr. Obama is indeed the nominee, there is no doubt that the insiders of the Republican party will bring back this issue in the general election and will hit him even harder than compared in the primary process.

Some even say the former First Lady was to be blamed for pressing on the case of his associations that caused a great stir. A lot was being said that the debate was a devastating night for Obama. He clearly became agitated when asked about these questions regarding his associations. He claims it to be a big distraction from the real issues that Americans care about like the economy, health care, etc. But with only ten contests left in the democratic primaries, more is to be revealed about Barack Obama’s past. He has even been attacked due to the comments he made about small town residents “clinging to guns and the bible” when feeling upset about the way Washington carries on politics.

Coming from a personal perspective, every voter should have the right to know any candidates’ past and their character who are running for president of the United States even though it may not be relevant to the issues that are many Americans’ concerns. It can be a way to conceive their true intentions when endeavoring a challenge.


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