Question of the Week: Social Networking Time Suck RESPONSE

Seeing as I am a patron of both Myspace AND Facebook (shh, keep it on the DL, Myspace doesn’t know I’m with Facebook, Facebook doesn’t know I’m with Myspace…there could be some drama…) I spend quite a hefty amount of time wasting away on social networking websites. If you’d wanna whittle all the intricacies and details down to just an average, I’d say about 45 minutes a day. Yikes. Now that I say it back, I realize, that’s pretty bad. Dang that’s actually so much time that I should probably start putting that as one of my extracurricular activities on my college application.

Hmm, not so sure if Cal will like that…

It’s not that I feel guilty, I just feel…well…lazy. It’s a major distraction from all those other responsibilities like homework, chores, work, blah blah blah, but it’s almost become a responsibility in itself. When I get home everyday, instead of going to my room to start on my homework, or going to go talk to my parents about my day, I go straight up to the computer for some quality time. Sure, I use it to avoid chores, but checking my Myspace and my Facebook has become a chore in itself! It’s necessary. If I don’t, I’m pretty sure something will explode. Either that, or the time-space continuum will be…well…discontinued. I need to check it at least once every 3 hours…I’ll choose it over homework, chores, a call back, talking to my mom, almost anything. But I do know that when I’m gone allllll day, and I’m tired and feelin’ like sittin’ back in front of the tube with a good ol’ cup o’ tea, now, I’d rather come home to my humble little Myspace page and feast my eyes on that cherry red “New Messages” notification, the one that’s been neglected all day while I’ve been out living my life. And however jaded that may sound, as one of my coworkers would say, “Welcome to the thousands…”


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