When Third Graders Attack!!

OK. So imagine walking into a third grade classroom — students sitting in their seats and listening to the teacher talk about multiplication. But in Center Elementary School in Waycross, Georgia, the teacher was the one being taught a lesson — a potentially DEADLY lesson.

This is what happened: a bunch of third graders hatched a plan to “knock out, handcuff and stab their teacher” because the teacher had apparently reprimanded one of the students for goofing around in class. These kids had it all planned out. They even assigned specific roles for each other such as creating a distraction, closing the windows and of course, cleaning up the mess.

Fortunately, their plan was foiled by another student who sang like a canary to the school officials that a classmate had a knife in his bag. But isn’t just the fact that a group of kids came up with such a devious plan pretty damn scary?! Makes me think twice about having children…

However, psychiatrists say that although the act was premeditated, it would probably not have been followed through with. In response, I just have four words: Lord of the Flies. Those who have read William Golding’s novel are well aware that when push comes to shove, even kids can go postal.

So now the question is, should the implicated students be sent to juvenile detention centers? The obvious answer is…well in this case, there actually isn’t one. Sure they plotted to kill…or at least severely injure their teacher, but they probably didn’t understand the permanency of their actions. Also, their hometown of Waycross, Georgia was surrounded by swamps and had halfway houses around every corner. Also, with easy access to violence on TV these days, who knows where the students got this idea from!

At the end of the day, we can all agree that these third graders need psychiatric help. And the teacher, well he probably needs a nice long vacation.

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