Where I Get My News

[Ed. Note: This week’s Question is: When it comes to News, who do you trust. Nico Savidge of Meet The Mess and The Savidge World of Sports reports in.]

My dad likes to wake up early in the morning and enjoy is coffee with a copy of the New York Times in front of him. As he munches on granola or shredded wheat, my dad learns what’s happening in the world – I do nearly the same thing, but (seeing as I’m 17, and not 57 like my dad) I get my news in a more hi-tech way. When I have breakfast, I don’t fold out the “Old Grey Lady” and flip through the sections. Instead, I’ve signed up for e-mail updates from the Washington Post and Reuters, meaning I get the headlines delivered to my inbox each morning. Thanks to the popularity of internet updates, I can get the latest news alongside “Oakland Athletics Postgame Alerts” and “The Urban Dictionary Word of the Day.” –Nico Savidge


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