Whaddya Mean You’re Not Up On The Podcast?

Each and every week Brandon McFarland dishes out a fresh new podcast focusing in on the latest in music and pop culture.

Only I don’t think y’all have been finding it. You can check out the podcast’s RSS feed, or if you’re on the front page of YouthRadio.org your can play with the feedbox up there in the right hand corner and take a peek at not only what Brandon’s been up to, but the blogs from Youth Radio’s bureaus as well.

Here’s what you’ve been missing:

Pop Lock and Roll! America’s Best Dance Crew in Review
Now in it’s sixth season, American Idol is still among the top ten most watched shows in TV. But Idol judge Randy Jackson has created another talent competition that debuted on MTV this season. It’s called America’s Best Dance Crew, and tonight’s season finale will determine which team gets that title. Youth Radio’s Brandon McFarland, Ayesha Walker, Susana Vuong, and Denise Tejada got together to break down why they’re such big fans of the show.
Can Video Games Save the Music Star?
At last year’s Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, much attention was paid to the musical scores and soundtracks vital to any video game’s success. But the worlds of music and gaming are merging in ways that have as yet received far less attention. Youth Radio’s Brandon McFarland takes a look into the world of gaming and how it can shape music.

Make the jump and check out the rest of the playlist. 

Juicy J Interview (2006, Pre Oscar Award)
Three 6 Mafia went from Memphis Tennessee straight to Hollywood. They are known now as Oscar award winners, hitmakers on the rap charts, and even tv stars. But this is a special interview w/ juicy J of three 6, pre Hollywood status. Enjoy…

Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews

Troy Andrews may only be 21, but he’s wise beyond his years. He’s not only a seasoned jazz musician who’s played with music heavyweights like U2 and Lenny Kravitz, but he is also a hurricane survivor. Youth Radio’s Brandon McFarland sat down with Troy at his studio in New Orleans to talk about life and music after Hurricane Katrina.  This Podcast features music by, The Troy Andrews Quintet.

San Quinn Interview at Grammys

There aren’t many rap artist who can boast a 14-year music career without a major label. So when the Grammy Foundation moved it’s Grammy Career Day to San Francisco, they called none other than hometown legend San Quinn to talk to young artists.


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