Harold Goes To College- An Interview With John Cho


Hope you got those sliders…

The new movie Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, sequel to the classic comedy Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, opens April 25 in theatres. In Guantanamo Bay, Harold and Kumar are thrown into the notorious prison for smuggling a bong onto the plane, which people mistake for a bomb. Caitlin Grey and Ankitha Bharadwaj interviewed actor John Cho– who plays the uptight Harold– at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, where Guantanamo Bay took its debut. The ladies talk with Cho about how he got into UC Berkeley, his family, and his side gig as a musician. Oh, yes, they ask about the movie too:

The first movie didn’t have a plot. We were trying to get to a burger place, and then things happened. And in this movie we’re, you know, kind of fighting for our lives and our freedom. So that makes all the decisions that the characters in the movie make, all those decisions become so much more amped and so much more important. That’s a long way of saying that when funny things happen you laugh a lot harder because circumstances are so intense. I think we’re just using politics… the current political climate to make fart jokes. -John Cho


All in all its an AWESOME interview, so good you won’t believe it was conducted by two high school girls. It was. That’s what we do. [8:25 Mp3 format]


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