Who Do You Trust? [News edition]

This week’s question is pretty straightforward:

When it comes to news, who do you trust?

Youth Radio LA comes through with our first responses:

When it come to the news, I only trust to a certain point because lies are often told but quickly covered up…!!
Jasmine Epps, Age 15

I Trust NBC. The news casters seem more professional than many other news stations. They provide great coverage on stories, and don’t waste news time on breaking news by repeating the same thing over and over again. They give you the facts, then stick with the footage for a while to assure there is nothing missed. After about 5 minutes of cold hard facts, they continue on with the rest of the news to assure the viewers that they are not missing anything just to watch a couple of police cars chase a stolen vehicle.
Ohime Sheeme, Age 17


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