Postcard From Hopi High

[By the radio/journalism class at Hopi High, Arizona]

Nukwang Talongva, that means “good morning” in Hopi.

We are five hours away from spring break, but it’s kind of like we’re already gone. Half of all the students are gone to a track meet, our grades are already finalized, and we’re just counting the hours.

We live in the desert and it’s boring here. It’s either very very hot or very very cold. The youth try to make our weekends as fun as possible by going to a DJ dance or a ceremony. We only have one restaurant on the rez. Some of us actually love coming to school because its a chance for all of us to hang out, but we don’t like doing all the school work. Our villages are small and are each 9-10 miles apart and most of us don’t have driver’s licenses because the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division is about 2 or 3 hours away, so it’s difficult for us to hang out on the weekends.

We have a journalism and radio class here at the high school. The journalism students write one editorial and one story every week. Our teacher, Bindell, edits our work and then everything goes to print. Our papers are located all over campus and throughout the community and allow readers to know what’s going on on campus. Our radio show airs every week for a half hour. Yesterday we interviewed Leslie Robledo, a hair stylist and sponsor of a puppet show featuring Hopi stories in Hopi and English language.

That’s it for now. There’s no Hopi word for goodbye – we say see you later…so later!



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