Unathi Kondile joins the Youth Radio blogging team as our first International blogger. Unathi joins us from Cape Town, South Africa where he also blogs at Media Flaws. This week Unathi brings us an outside perspective on the seemingly never ending campaign for the Democratic presidential nominee in the United States.


[Unathi Kondile- Youth Radio Cape Town]

I wonder what my doctor could prescribe for my latest sickness? See I’ve contracted a severe case of Obama-Clintonostisis – Obama/Clinton fatigue. When does it stop? I mean I don’t even live in the US – I live in South Africa. We have nine provinces in South Africa. So if our leaders ever campaigned, they’d probably do it all in 9 days. That seems highly unlikely in the US – Obama and Clinton will do this (campaigning) in 54 different States! I thought there were 50 States in the US – can someone explain to me, like they would to a child, where the other four States came from?

I’m sure Obama and Clinton are also tired of themselves. How much mud-digging/slinging and begging can one do? I’d be tired of myself too. I’d probably get to the 30th state and be like:

“Good Day kind folks of Texas. I think ya’ll know why I’m here. Any queries can be directed to my mobile campaign trailer. Thank you. You’ve been a good crowd.”

And I’d be gone. But it isn’t that simple. Clinton and Obama have chosen to take the hard route and even slip in some ad hominem attacks. It becomes a bit unfair though because Clinton can get away with pushing Obama and calling him names. But I doubt Obama can get away with that. Can you imagine how sexist and stereotypically black male thuggish that would be of him? Heck, Obama is like a US soldier sent out to war. His only problem is that he has all the bullets but no gun – so he can’t shoot back at his war opponent. Obama has to be very clever in the way in which he maps out his war strategy.

Look at me go on about this campaign road circus as if it were a war. Probably because they’ve portrayed themselves as the ultimate war veterans running amock from state to state. Aren’t they both Democrats? Imagine US soldiers shooting at one another and seeing one another as opponents? Isn’t this vociferous Obama/Clinton campaigning symbolic of the Democrats’ lack of discipline and respect amongst themselves.

What makes this Democrats’ infighting appealing to me is that both these campaigners are what we in South Africa call ‘Previously Disadvantaged Individuals’ (PDIs) – one is female and the other is black. Assuming one of them will win the hearts of the Democrats I still see no way in hell a PDI can go up against a never-been-disadvantaged Republican like McCain. Mind you McCain is still at an advantageous position – Republicans sorted their issues ages ago and are now idling and working on a plan to knock out whichever PDI makes it from the Democrats war (assuming there’ll be survivors).

I think you now understand the severity of my Obama-Clintonostisis. I’m overexposed to it. How else can I know all the things I’ve just written? I just wish it can all go away. Please. Make it stop. Can’t a lazy South African like me be saved from Obama-Clintonostisis? Any cure out there?


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